Company Policy

Our company addresses the market by purchasing from selected partners throughout Europe the best used photocopiers and in good condition, verifying for each and thoroughly both the operation and the state of the materials and the bodywork.

Continuous improvement and full compliance with product, process, environmental, health and safety regulations applicable to us, the protection of the environment, represent for us a precise and priority commitment and are concretized in a few but fundamental principles, all aimed at guaranteeing and, where possible, improving the satisfaction of our customers both internal and external:


We must improve and monitor our internal activities in order to reduce, or rather avoid as much as possible, that non-compliant or defective products reach our customers, thus managing to always provide tested and guaranteed machines, trying to optimize the assortment and availability in stock of both machines and related accessories.
Assisting and advising the client on the choices is a strategic service, and allows us to administer our skills and resources in such a way as to maintain the role of Italian leader in the sector.
Organizational flexibility must be such as to efficiently manage the planning of orders in order to minimize, if not avoid, delays in deliveries.


It is necessary to maintain a high attention to the awareness, knowledge and professionalism of our internal staff, in order to guarantee the utmost care in the operation and in the ability to assist our customers in the pre and post sales phases.


We want to properly manage the waste produced by our activities, reducing as much as possible the amount of machines destined for scrapping and trying to reuse the various components, as far as technically possible or economically convenient. No less important, the involvement of our environmentally relevant suppliers.


Absence of accidents and occupational diseases are a strategic objective to be maintained.
In this sense, the utmost attention is paid above all to the development of communication about near-accidents, to the preventive evaluation of new processes or products and the effects of these new activities at the level of risk indicators, as well as to the awareness of suppliers who are operating at our offices.

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