Warranty applible to the products sold by Office Trade S.p.A.

There is no legal warranty on second-hand electronic products/machines.

Office Trade S.p.A offers, on its own, a commercial " guarantee " on products for a period of six months from the date of purchase. Such coverage only covers electronic components of the equipment sold. It excludes "the consumables" -including but not limited to - drum, oven, image transfer belt, etc...

Office Trade S.p.A then makes available to its customers who sells this kind of machines a dedicated link "Technical Assistance" on its website www.officetrade.it, where you have to specify any electronic problems that may be occurring on the machines within a period of six months.

Remember that this link " Technical Assistance " is not a technical advisory forum and therefore any request that does not respect the above mentioned conditions will not be taken into account.

Office Trade certified pre-owned warranty